How to demand child care?

Are you looking for day care in or around Leuven?

Start your demand online by starting with the registration of yourself. Then, you have to create a list of preferences, which is the base of your demand with 6 priorities.

1. Register you with your name and mailadres. If you don't have a mailadres, we can assist you to create a demand.

2.  Activate your account and log in

3. Create a list of favorite places. You have to make a list per child.

4. Chose the child you want to start the demand for.

5. Fill in all the required information and select a maximum of 6 day care centers.


What happens with my demand?

Your demand is automatically sent to the chosen day care centers. They will answer your demand as possible. 

Any questions? 

Contact us on 016/27 26 43.