Centrum Inclusieve Kinderopvang Leuven

Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1
3000 Leuven
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Special needs possible

The Centre for inclusive childcare in Leuven is acknowledged by Kind en Gezin. Together with childcare initiatives, parents and an elaborate network of professional guidance and support organisations, we want to work on a qualitative childcare centre for children with specific needs of care.

The inclusive coach supports parents that are looking for suitable childcare for their child with specific needs of care. Together we will look into which support your child needs. Then we'll adapt the childcare to these needs as much as possible for the well-being and the participation of your child.

Each childcare initiative in the care region of Leuven, the childcare for babies and toddlers as well as the childcare for children in primary school, can make an appeal to the support of the centre for inclusive childcare in addition to their own expertise.


The inclusive coach works from his office in de Girafant (Nieuwe Kerkhofdreef 2, 3010 Leuven), but if you make an appointment, he can visit any childcare initiative in the region of Leuven.

Allocation policy

The allocation policy is dependent on each childcare initiative itself. You can apply for each childcare initiative through the online counter for childcare. Many childcare initiatives already have experience with childcare for children with specific needs of care or are open to it. Together we will look into when and how the childcare for your child with specific needs of care will be possible.

Special needs possible
Iedereen is welkom, ook kinderen met een specifieke zorgbehoefte! De zorg die uw kind nodig heeft staat centraal.
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